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Forms, Handouts, and Checklists

Other Residential Prevention Documents

If you are building, remodeling, or maintaining your residence, here are some relevant documents to help you help us keep your property fire-safe.

Or, if you are a business located within the Monterey County Regional Fire District, you may have the opportunity to meet our prevention or engine company staff during an inspection or permit process. We are here to facilitate your needs while promoting fire safety and prevention.

How To Make My Home Safe Checklist.pdfmcrfd_generalfireconditions.pdfmcrfd_drivewaytemplates.pdfmcrfd_residentialaddresspostingrequirements.pdfmcrfd_generatorhandout.pdfmcrfd_sprinklerhookups.pdfmcrfd_residentialsprinklerroughininspectionform.pdfmcrfd_residentialsprinklerfinalinspectionform.pdfmcrfd_assemblytentpermitform.pdfmcrfd_cookingboothinspectionform.pdfmcrfd_firehydrantspecifications.pdfFire Hyrant Specifications.pdfSolar Power Sign Wording.pdfRemodel Calculation Form.pdfAssembly Tent Regulations.pdfCooking Booth Permit Application.pdf