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Wildland Inspection Program

May include image of: house, trees, vehicle, fire

As the Fire Season quickly approaches we are once again asking for your help and cooperation in maintaining a fire-safe community. The PDF document below has been used for the past several years with a great deal of success. It points out the current, basic requirements of California Law for fire prevention in the wildland areas. Most importantly, it points out the things that you can do to help protect the structures on your property from a wildfire moving through the area.

To increase our ability to reach the communities we serve, we are asking for your help by participating in a “Self-Inspection.” It allows residents to make their own determination on whether their property is in compliance or to determine the work that is necessary to bring their property into compliance with the basic fire prevention standards. Included in this pamphlet is a Fire Hazard Abatement Checklist, which you should use to determine what needs to be done in order for your property to meet these standards.

Wildland Flyer 2022.pdf