Residential Backyard Burning Application


  1. To determine burn day status, please call (800) 225-2876 or check the APCD website
  2. Burn hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm. No fuels may be added after 3:00pm. All fires must not be emitting any smoke, is cold to the touch and is no longer capable of regeneration.
  3. Only dry natural vegetation originating on this property may be burned there.
  4. No person shall use open outdoor fires for the purpose of disposal or burning of: grass clippings, piled leaves/needles, garbage, household rubbish petroleum wastes, demolition or construction debris, tires, tar, trees, wood waste, processed or treated wood and wood products, or other combustible or flammable solid, semi-solid or liquid waste; or for metal salvage or burning of motor vehicle bodies.
  5. Piled material must be arranged to provide adequate aeration to allow the material to burn with a minimum of smoke. Burn barrels are prohibited.
  6. The material to be burned must dry, with at least 10 days of drying time before burning the material.
    30 days-trees, branches, and trimmings equal to or less than 2" diameter. 
    60 days-branches and trimmings greater than 2" but equal to or less than 6" in diameter.
  7. The material to be burned must be reasonably free of surface moisture and dirt.
  8. No burning shall take place for 72 hours after any rain totalling 0.25 inches or greater.
  9. The burn may not cause a nuisance with smoke and ash to neighbors. All fires must be extinguished upon notification of smoke impact.
  10. The area within 10 feet of the outer edge of the burn pile must be maintained free and clear of all flammable material and vegetation. A water source and appropriate firefighting tools must be at the burn site. A responsible person must be in attendance until the fire is extinguished. Never leave your fire.
  11. The burn may not be within 100 feet from any residential or commercial structure on an adjacent property.
  12. Permit may be revoked or suspended for a violation of any terms or conditions of said permit.
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After reading all of the above information, fill out the form below and submit prior to burning.

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By clicking Submit, I certify that I have read the above conditions, and those specified in the instructions, and agree to comply with all the conditions stated on the burn permit. I understand that failure to comply with Monterey Bay Unified APCD Rules and Regulations will subject me to civil or criminal action, or both. I understand that the issuance of this permit does not relieve me of responsibility to use reasonable and ordinary care to prevent damage to the property of others or injury to persons. I accept responsibility for all burning activities, including smoke impacts, as a result or burning conducted at the above specified burn site location which is under my legal control.