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No-Cost Chipping Service for Homeowners Associations or Other Neighbors for Hazardous Fuel (Vegetation) Removal

Comply with County and State laws requiring 100-foot clearance around structures to help protect your property from wildfires and create defensible space. You cut and pile it, and we’ll chip it at no cost to you! This service is provided by a grant from Cal Fire and the host agency Monterey County Regional Fire Protection District. This chipping service is for coordinated residential communities and individual residents. (No business or commercial property)


  • Corral de Tierra               
  • San Benancio            
  • Pine Canyon
  • Indian Springs              
  • Chualar Canyon
  • Hidden Hills                     
  • Laureles Estates
  • Carmel Valley Village     
  • Mid Carmel Valley

General Information for Fuel Reduction

For Vegetation Management Near Structures:

  • Clear all flammable brush to a minimum of 30 feet from structures. Thin brush from 30-100 feet.
  • Limb trees 6 feet from ground level or at one-third tree height.
  • Cut any overhanging limbs away from the roof, and at least 10 feet from chimneys.
  • Clear brush and trim trees 10-12 feet on each side of the road/driveway for a total width of 20 to 24 feet.
  • Trim overhanging branches up to a 15-foot minimum height to provide clearance for trucks and other emergency vehicles.

How to take Advantage of this Offer

  1. Click on the link to bring up the Chipping Request Form: Click here to view the form 
  2. Complete and print the document, then save it to your device for emailing.  Email the completed form to us at (redacted) or mail it to Monterey County Regional Fire District at 19900 Portola Drive; Salinas, CA 93908; or fax to (831) 455- 0646.  Phone request will be taken at (831) 737-8658, but you may be asked to return a signed form before chipping can occur. Chipping is completed on a first come, first served basis.  PLEASE NOTE:  Piles could be sitting 30-60 days before being chipped.
  3. There is a 6-INCH MAXIMUM on limb diameter. PILES SHOULD BE NO MORE THAN 6 FEET HIGH. PLEASE KEEP PILES FREE OF MUD, ROCKS, CONSTRUCTION WOOD, AND OTHER DEBRIS. No palm, cactus, poison oak, or ice plant will be chipped.
  4. Stacked brush and limbs should be HAND-PILED within 5 feet of the road/driveway edge, at the front of the property, with cut ends facing towards the road/driveway. Locate the piles so the truck and chipper can easily access them for chipping.  Special instructions are needed for locked gates. Chipped material will be left on-site, and will not be hauled away. We are unable to chip brush or limbs that have been mechanically cleared and stacked.
  5. Addresses must be clearly marked!!!
View form here (pdf)